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 I'm back fools~!!!
Lets get back on the ball! BloodLust is coming back!!!

 Welcome to BloodLust's homepage. This site has been created by myself, to provide a common ground to setup jobs, to speak to eachother easily, and to give a good heads-up for upcoming events.

 Those who come here as would-be clients, please make a guest account. Access is very limited for non-member users, but you will find that you can post a job request on the accessible forum provided to you. Also, you can learn at least in part, a little about this guild.

 To my Mercenaries, welcome home. Relax, smoke and joke, bullshit and bond. But always keep an eye out for the Job Board Topic on the members' section of the forums! We're family and friends, but remember to always honor our Code. The Code is our lifesblood, it is our way and Measure. Without adhering to the Code, we cannot set ourselves apart, and set ourselves to the standard, that I know you all are worthy of.

 -To our Members-
 All Job Contracts Will be posted on the Job Board - in the members section of the forums. Keep an eye out on that topic! It will be updated every time a job comes in! Also, when a contract is confirmed, it will be sent to the client, to the mercenary assigned for the job AND to the job board. So make sure to check on the board, and your inbox!
Guild News

BloodLust Assembly

Nathrezim, Feb 23, 12 6:17 PM.
 Everyone put the current job on Hold.  You've all done an amazing job with the speed and proficiency of our guild effort farming spree. First off, let me say how proud I am that we have worked together so well as a team to produce the results we already have.

 Second, I would like to set a time for tomorrow, 24Feb2012 at 2000 EST, for a guild meeting. This isn't anything crazy or too major, but I would like as many to attend as possible. There are some things that need to be discussed, planned and said and I would like to say it to as many as possible. I would also like everyone to have the chance to place their input and opinions in on this as well.
 So tomorrow, 24FEB2012 at 2000 EST, Beacon Island, Guild meeting.

 - Again, great work Mercenaries.

Opening up for Business!

Nathrezim, Feb 18, 12 5:38 PM.
 Hello Mercenaries! Today marks the beginning of our Mercenary Services! From today on, expect to farm, support or kill random people for money! XD

 Our Market topic on Talon's Forums:,37738.0.html  

 Happy Hunting People, and remember - KEEP AN EYE out on the Mission Board! Updates will be coming soon~
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